Thursday, July 12, 2012

Friday the 13th Free eBooks

As an Indie publisher, I know the importance of letting readers know when there is a great deal going on with a book. I am participating in A “Free on Kindle” promotion with some other writers over the next couple of days. Each of these writers has crafted a fabulous book for you and during the dates listed below, you can get your copy for free. Aren’t authors the best?!

What better way to enjoy Friday the 13th than with a great free book for your Kindle. Don’t have a Kindle? You can download Kindle for the PC free from Amazon.  

Naturally all the authors hope you really enjoy the book. If you do there are a couple of ways you can let them know. First, leave a wick short review on Amazon. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Just a “loved the book!” or “Great read” will suffice. Don’t want to do that? Rate the book by leaving a few stars that lets them know how you felt about their free book.

The second way to let them know you enjoyed the book is to check out their other offerings. Some are as low as .99 cents. It’s a great way to let good authors know you enjoy their work so they can keep turning out more for you.

Check out these eBooks for Kindle free starting Friday, July 13th! And feel free to leave a comment here letting me know what you got and how you liked it.

Mine by the way is “Destiny Steps In” – check it out!

Restraint by Erica Chilson (July 13-15)
Anticipation by Sarina Asheford (July 13-14)
911 I Need Help by Felicity Freedom (July 13-15)
Dark and Twisted
Destiny Steps In by Theresa Leschmann (July 13-14)
Creepy Bits by Tammy Lee Morris (July 13)
Spaztastic Zombies by Tammy Lee Morris (July 14)
Devil's Playground by Mercy Mayer (July 13-14)
Collection of Dark Stories by Amy Browne (July 14-15)
Content to eBooks by Amy Browne (July 14-15)
I Love You, I Hate You A Bipolar Marriage by Alice Madison Young


  1. Free stuff! I love free stuff. Thanks for letting us know, Theresa. I'll leave comments on anything I read from the list.

  2. Thanks, Chuck! I'm sure the authors will greatly appreciate that!

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