Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Meet Theresa Leschmann Author, Part 3

After leaving the anthology group, I floundered a bit. I realized that for me, having no deadlines to meet in terms of writing fiction meant I just didn’t do it. Oh, I had plenty of ideas but there always seemed to be something else that needed to be done. Laundry, making dinner, writing those pesky but-oh-so-valuable articles for clients that helped pay the bills. Fiction writing just waited and waited.

As the popularity of eBooks took off, I began to wonder if I shouldn’t give that a try. After all, aren’t eBook sales similar to the page views I was earning pennies for on content and news sites? S0 I deliberated over what project to tackle first. Should I finish the novel I had started for NaNoWriMo? Maybe I should do some more short stories and publish m own collection. Perhaps I should finish the first novel I had started from the writing prompts. Or, I could do a historical fiction series that I had been toying with based on my home town. Oh the choices!

I started with the series because it had been calling to me for some time. I ran into an obstacle and set that aside. Next I picked up the NaNoWriMo novel and started to reread what I had written. I began sharing chunks of it with the writer group I am currently part of and they loved it – at least that’s what they told me. So I have been diligently working on that since January 2012 and hope to have it finalized by summer’s end. I am hoping to send it to a few traditional publishers and see what happens.

In the meantime, I decided to put out those short story collections which bring me to where I am today. I hope my career as a writer continues to take as many twists and turns as it has so far. The journey has been exciting and educational. And I hope you’ll stick around for the ride.


  1. Great new blog, Theresa! I enjoyed reading your story about becoming an author. You should write an autobiography or a memoir. Good luck with your novel and your short stories!

    1. Thanks Christine! I would love to do an autobiography but I wonder who would care enough to read it! lol

  2. Lots of people would! But do it for yourself :)

  3. Hi. I saw someone link to your site on Facebook and it appears that many writers must tend to follow a similar path. I wrote a book about my fictional journey down this road. You might enjoy it. It is on Amazon and it is called "Diary of a Non-Writer" by Jeff Mazza.